Facebook live – Relationship Done Different

Join us for a RDD Facebook live, on January 17 – 7PM CET, on my Facebook Page:

Relationship Done Different Free intro

RDD free intro 19 Jan
RDD Free intro class Jan 19

Is relationship important to you? Is there something you desire to change with your relationships?

Join us for a Free Intro RDD class to begin the conversation!

January 19 – 6 PM CET, (

Link registration for the free intro here:

Relationship Done Different Masterclass

I am happy to welcome you to my first Relationship Done Different Masterclass – January 28-31, 2021!

Is relationship important to you? Do you know that most people would choose to stay in a bad relationship, than have no relationship?

Are you willing to create a different relationship, using the tools to empower you to live from allowance, trust, vulnerability, honouring and gratitude? Are you wiling to go beyond separation, into comunion?

The Relationship Done Different Masterclass will empower you to create something greater, with all your relationships! If you live and breathe in this world, you are in a relationship with anyone around you!

This class is in English, with the possibility to be translated. Request translation in the sign up page:

Why choose this class with me? I am a licensed Psychologist, Access Consciousness CF since 2016, and fresh RDD-CF. Relationship is a topic I dealed with, for many of my clients and classes. It is a difficult topic, only because we make it so. When you are willing to be true to yourself, than you can know what you truly desire to create, even with your relationships!

Let ‘s play into new possibilities with relationships!

RDD MASTER 28-31 Jan cu Anca Pal
Relationship Done Different Masterclass

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